Northwestern University honors the memory of Dr. Richard Iton with the art of Nathan Jalani Taylor

Dr. Richard Iton did it all.

His book, “In Search of the Black Fantastic: Politics and Popular Culture in the Post-Civil Rights Era (Transgressing Boundaries: Studies in Black Politics and Black Communities)”, which explorer the influence that Black culture had on society and the future of the United States, won the American Political Science Association’s Ralph Bunche Award in 2009 and was lauded as a must read guide to Black politics, activism, and culture.  The students who took his class in the African American Studies division of Northwestern University were treated to an enlightening experience every semester.  He was a force to be reckoned with in the academic world.  But that wasn’t the only thing he brought to the table.  

Dr. Iton’s spirit of generosity touched both his students and his colleagues.  Always available to lend an ear, Dr. Iton will be remembered for his kind soul as well as his academic achievements.  An avid supporter and patron of the arts, Dr. Iton commissioned a piece from Nathan Jalani Taylor’s to serve as the cover of his text.  “Rise of a New Mind” is done with a red gradient background and an inky black core that has figures and movement reminiscent of the work created by the same artist titled, “Cave Dwellers”.  The texture and structure of this work makes it a conversation piece, as is Dr. Iton’s text.  It was a perfect pairing.  

“Rise of a New Mind” will serve to promote Dr. Iton’s work.  This time it will be in the form of the background for the poster promoting the symposium that will celebrate Dr. Iton’s life and work.  Dr. Iton died of leukemia in April 2013.  Taylor’s art will also serve as the visuals for the promotional efforts created for the future work of the African American studies program at Northwestern University, immortalizing the connection between artist and author. 

The symposium celebrating the life and work of Dr. Richard Iton will be held at the Center For African American History in May 2014.

Nathan Jalani Taylor art showing at Hewn Arts Center Holiday Market, December 6-8th 2013

Nathan Jalani Taylor takes abstract art to new levels with his visually appealing work.  With a style entirely unique and outside of category restrictions of others, Taylor creates images that resonate in the mind, body, and soul.  In his artwork, one can see rejuvenation and growth, as well as introspection and unity.  The power of his work in undeniable. 

The quintessential artist, Taylor lives his craft.  Earning a Fine Arts and Graphic Design degree from Iowa State University, Taylor went on to work as an art designer for several major magazines and record labels.  His considerable portfolio is filled with pieces that have been shown in major outlets, such as Essence, Elle Magazine and at Red Stripe’s Tribeca Film Festival.  He has created pieces in a live setting at Love Jones NYC and toured as a live painter with Kelly Price.  He’s done this and much more… and he still has more art to create. 

Of his work, Taylor says, “Strong form and flow with vibrant colors, emitting an uplifting spiritual feel is the unifying theme.”  The colors pop, drawing your eye to the detail surrounding them, engaging you in ways you didn’t expect.  Taylor’s work is a treat to the senses.

Taylor’s art will be showcased at the Hewn Art Center in the up and coming artist enclave of Jersey City, NJ from December 6th-8th.  Jersey City boasts a thriving art community.  Cultural diversity and an appreciation of the resulting melting pot have spawned a meeting place for artistic expression in the city center, Journal Square.  Among apartments, retail shops, and restaurants, a hotbed of creative activity exists.  The decision to move to the area was simple for Ed Ramirez, founder of the Hewn Art Center.  After holding an event on Norfolk St. on the Lower East Side and finding success, Ramirez remarks that, “… we are being given an opportunity to flourish the concept.”  Their 13,000 sq. ft space is sure to provide a showcase for many events to come.

Seeing an artist in their prime is a rarity.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see Nathan Jalani Taylor’s newest work on display and enjoy an evening out in trendy Journal Square.

Artwork For Dress For Success Gala

Artwork by Nathan Jalani Taylor for the Dress For Success Annual Fundraising Gala. Washington D.C.
at Pepco Edison Place Gallery. October 17th 2013. All pieces were sold at Auction: Native Seed, Acrylic on 
Canvas, 20X20; Mind Rights, Acrylic on Canvas, 20X20; New Dawn, Acrylic on Canvas, 36X24; Freed Spirit
Acrylic on Canvas, 16X20