A Memory From September 11th

10 years ago I was in Jersey City, and I watched the whole horrible scene unfold across the hudson river. Ferries bringing survivors from Manhattan. I met a dazed and confused man in the street. A middle aged guy in a business suit, he was covered with white ash with blood trickling from his head, he asked me "where am I?" I replied, "Jersey, you're in Jersey City."

Guy: "Jersey?" Me: "Yeah… you want my water?" Guy: "Thanks, do you have a phone?" Me: "Yeah, you can try it but it hasn't worked all morning." (the guy tries to call out) Guy: "Dammit!" *sigh* (with tears in his eyes he bends over to catch his breath). Me: "Hey man, you alright? maybe you should sit down for a sec." Guy: "No, I need to get to Brooklyn, thanks." (walks away)