Seven Laws Of Positive Manifestation (Info-Graphic by Nathan Jalani Taylor)

Seven Laws Of Positive Manifestation: Fundamental Keys to Achieving Goals

1. Pray: Connect with the universal divine force of creation with positive affirmation and gratitude for inspiration and guidance.
2. Daydream: Allow yourself to freely dream of the future you want, everything begins in the mind.
3. Write: Very important step to write down ideas and goals, increase the power of visualization with drawings, photos, or prototypes.
4. Research: Learn as much as you can about your desired goal, the internet and books are great tools.
5. Plan: Starting from the end write a step-by-step plan of how to reach your desired goals.
6. Action: Step-by-step, execute your plan with action from the beginning and in the proper order.
7. Persist: Continue and repeat the process, you will have set backs and failures. You may take a break, or adapt your goals, but never give up!